This is what the consumers have to say about the benefits of shopping online

With the advent of the internet in to the homes of the people and today with the power of the smart phone which is almost equivalent to the PC, even the layman knows what shopping online means. Years ago, when a son was about to graduate from college, the father would teach him the nitty gritties of handling the shop so that when he is done with his studies, he could join with his father and help him run the business.
Nowadays, the traditional brick and mortar shops are slowly but steadily giving way to much heard of and well advertised online stores. It is however not necessary that an online store must not have any real stores. It may have its fingers in both the pies. and one can shoot from the other as well. it goes without saying that even online stores have big stores and godown where they store all their products.
Herein we will be enumerating feedbacks from ardent fans of online stores and not so ardent fans of online stores as well. The consumer feedback on can also be treated as our arguments In favour of the lovely concept.

Convenience over custom:
Ritu Nana, 35, “While I was growing up till the time I got married, I always shopped the conventional way to buy grocery and other lifestyle products. It was only after my daughter was born that I started experimenting with online shopping. The first step was to open a bank account to be able to facilitate the transfer of cash. Being a new and inexperienced mother, it naturally left me with very little time and energy for dressing up my daughter and myself and then going shopping the traditional way. Online shopping was a boon to me and my family as I did not waste too much of time in getting ready nor did I have to go through the hassle of lugging my baby around in shopping carts.”

Great offers:
Anita Gracey, 22, “Being in college and staying trendy was almost a given. I would need to buy dresses so often that if I were ever shopping from a mall, id be broke and six feet under debt. Thankfully, I chose to be smart and shopped online. Do you know I could easily save as much as a thousand rupees monthly by buying my dresses online? There are some fabulous sites where the discounts and offers are genuinely too good to resist. All you need is to carefully select your size and pattern. I bet you will love the experience.”

More to choose from:

Muffi kafsad, 40, “I always like to buy the unconventional. The regular run of the mill things and style as far as clothes and shoes are concerned are not my cup of tea. Out of options meant that I picked up same style of clothes often. All this changed with the freedom to shop online. The online stores have much better variety and most of the times I get my preferred item in stock. Now, I am so used to shopping online that I hardly want to make an effort to go to a shop and even browse!”

 The freedom to compare the lowest prices:

Sarrah Unjha, 30, “What I like best about online shopping? Let’s see. It is most definitely the idea that I can search for the best offer available and then zero in on the website where I want to order it from. This system of being able to compare prices of a similar product across the shopping sites lets me decide the best logistics available for the product’s delivery as well gives me immense satisfaction that I have not spent anything more than the actual value of the product.”

Avoiding bustling shopping store aisles and parking spaces:

Divya Hugde, 45, I feel extremely claustrophobic in the narrow aisles of the departmental especially when there are too many people shopping at a given time. I equally hate crowded parking lot and just cannot bear to stand too long in serpentine queues at the counter especially with a fussy lady in front who is carrying a fistful of shopping coupons. I prefer shopping online because I can avoid crowd and at the same time get the product delivered at my doorstep. How convenient can that be?!