About Us

We started out with the goal of being a well known online fashion house:

When we started off in the early millennium, we had no idea that we would one day be reckoned with the greats in the industry. We always had one simple goal ahead of us and that was to create a designer label that would be exclusively retailed through our online flagship store. In the beginning this dream looked distant and somewhere down the line, it even became hazy but the commitment with which our employees have stuck with us and also have been able to creatively steer the company out of its many lows what makes this establishment of ours the most steadfast in this ephemeral industry.

The commitment shows in our line:

The strong commitment with which our designers work shows in their bold designing skills that are eventually churned to be hit designs back to back. The fabric and the tailoring are done by the best in the industry. Every facet of the garment and accessory manufacturing is looked into at great detail and that is one of the biggest reasons why our online store is clocking ascending profits with every passing year and the brand is also been called a Superbrand for the consecutive third year in a row!

We give back to the society as a gesture of gratefulness:

We have started a foundation where we dedicate a sizeable part of our online sales towards the education of deserving candidates who do not have the ability to pursue higher education because of any unfortunate event or string of events in their lives. We have already given grants in lakhs of rupees to deserving candidates via societies that look after the welfare of such wannabes. We elicit your kind support in this ambitious initiative of ours. You can leave a guest check or a donation in cash or you could call our toll free numbers if you would like to know how else you can support this cause.